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Coyote Hunting

Trapping and relocating coyotes is not always viable, so many individuals, farmers and ranchers turn to coyote hunting for coyote control and management. Coyote vocalizations and the imitated sounds of injured animals are often used to entice coyotes to come into shooting range. Some hunters enjoy coyote calling just for the sheer sport and thrill of being able to speak a coyote's language in order to manipulate them into the cross hairs of a rifle. Leg hold traps or snares are often used to capture and eradicate coyotes too. In most cases, killing and trapping is not necessary to control coyote problems. As a matter of fact, if hunting and trapping are the only steps you are taking to get rid of coyotes, new ones will just keep moving in to take their place. Fortunately, there are alternatives to hunting and trapping coyotes, including methods that are both more effective, and more humane.

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The Disadvantages Of Coyote
Hunting,Trapping And Relocation

Coyotes can be difficult to live trap and/or relocate. Live traps are seldom successful and once caught it is hard to find anyone willing to have them on their property. As a matter of fact, in many states, relocating coyotes is illegal. Research has also shown that although relocating may make us feel better (as opposed to killing), it is not necessarily a humane choice. Existing wildlife usually has the relocation territory already claimed for themselves and the new "invading" animal is often greeted with hostility, starvation, even death. Since live traps and relocation are difficult to do, many simply turn to hunting and killing in an attempt to control them. Leg hold traps or snares are often used to capture and eradicate coyotes too.

Besides the fact that coyote hunting and foot hold traps are not truly humane wildlife control methods, they have other problems as well. Leg hold traps can accidentally capture pets, raptors or other non-target animals. And, trapping and coyote hunting will only temporarily reduce the number of resident coyotes, others will take their place and coyotes adapt by producing larger litters to replace the dwindling population.

Fortunately, there are other wildlife control methods for humane coyote problem prevention like the use of livestock guardians such donkeys or the Great Pyrenees dog. There are also ways to discourage coyotes from your property, and better protect your pets and yourself from more aggressive members of the pack.

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