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Opossum Removal

Opossums can turn up just about anywhere - inside, outside, high up in the attic, or below ground under your home. They have very sharp teeth and can be hazardous for homeowners to try to remove themselves. When opossums become a problem it is best to call a wildlife control professional to handle the job. Trapping is not the only solution when it comes to opossum removal, our humane methods are easier on the animal and more cost effective for the homeowner. We provide long lasting solutions that work.

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Catching Opossums

The fact that opossums have a tendency to "play dead" when threatened has created a misconception about how easy it is to catch and handle them. Actually, opossums can sometimes "wake up" unexpectedly and their sharp teeth can quickly become a dangerous hazard.

For your own safety, it is best to leave your opossum removal requirements to that of a trained professional. Simply laying out opossum traps by yourself is a bad idea and unlikely to solve your problem.

If you have an opossum removal project that needs to be done or you would like to exclude opossums from being able to get into, under or around your home, and you are in Southwest Florida, please call the Wildlife Whisperer team today to solve your wildlife problems.

We work out of Cape Coral, we love opossums and regularly provide service to Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Pine Island, Sanibel Island, Boca Grande, and many other communities within the region. We know what to do and will fix it right the first time. Our methods are not only the most humane, but the most cost effective and long lasting too.

Trapping And Do It Yourself Opossum Removal Considerations

If you are considering trying to remove opossums from your home yourself, be aware that opossums have very sharp teeth and they can be very dangerous as a result. Trapping is a popular method for getting rid of opossums, both for homeowner's trying to take care of the problem on their own, and for professional wildlife control companies too.

Many companies find it a fast and easy way to make money, but what they don't tell you is that the problem will quickly repeat itself if the proper modifications are not made following the removal of the animal.

Most homeowner's assume trapping is the only way to remove opossums and the typical wildlife control company will tell you that they will humanely trap and relocate the animal. However, studies have shown that wildlife does not necessarily fare well when relocated, and animals often get hurt during the trapping process - even when humane live traps are utilized.

trapping injury recieved by opossum during the trap and relocate process

The opossum in the above photo was captured by a do-it-yourself homeowner in a "humane" live trap. It fought so hard to get out of the trap (2 hours in the trap), that it had to be taken to a wildlife rehabilitator for medical attention. We do not live trap except for extremely rare situations.

For these reasons, trapping is not our preferred method of choice, particularly since we have methods that are more effective for the client and more humane for the animal.

If you are trying to decide between trapping or more humane methods, please read the information below to help you with your decision.

Should you decide to use trapping and relocation methods, it is not our first choice, but we can still help you with this service. We would rather participate and see that the job is done properly with the animal's well being in mind, than take a chance of having the animal suffer needlessly at the hands of the wrong homeowner or wildlife control professional.

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