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Squirrel Damage Examples

There are several things to look for regarding squirrel problems. Squirrels tend to be territorial and will mark accordingly, some things to look for include chew marks, urine stained roof shingles, and of course, holes. It is important to know what to look for in order to be proactive, and we have some photos below to help you recognize a potential problem. If you've seen signs of squirrels around your home, we know what to do and can evict them for you. Squirrels can quickly destroy a home so don't procrastinate, call us today.

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Signs Of Squirrel Problems Around The Home

Squirrels like to chew on trees and homes as a way to mark their territory; they also do it to gain access to various areas and to keep their large front incisor teeth nice and sharp. Squirrels can chew right through the middle of your cedar or composition roof as seen in the photo below.

If there is one thing that we get more wildlife control calls and complaints about, it is squirrels. One might think that they are part of the beaver family because of how much they chew and destroy things. A squirrel's brain is about the size of an average walnut, so you do not want one in your attic thinking that your electrical wires are tasty tree limbs.

We can help you with squirrels and other wildlife too. The humane way, in most cases, is the most cost effective method, so our services will save you money in the long run. After removal we'll take steps to prevent additional wildlife from invading and damaging your home in the future.

Photos from left to right
and top to bottom
  1. Squirrel damage to home - many building materials are easy for squirrels to damage
  2. A good example of ineffective wildlife damage control - boards were used as a preventative tactic and the squirrels chewed right through them
  3. Tree damage from squirrels marking their territory - this kind of damage on trees is a good sign squirrels are around
  4. Hole in roof - cedar shingles are particularly vulnerable and easy for wildlife to chew through
  5. Signs of an impending attic invasion - chew marks and urine stained roof shingles are an indicator of abundant squirrel activity around your home - call us immediately if you see this around your house, as it is a sure sign that squirrels will be moving in soon
  6. An example of squirrels chewing through electrical wires - this can become a very dangerous home and fire hazard and one that you will want to pro actively avoid

Squirrels love to play on trees
but they also love to use them to
access and damage your home

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