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Squirrel Trap Disadvantages

Killing or trapping and relocating is a common way to get rid of squirrels. However, squirrels often die a very agonizing death from these traps and supposedly humane live traps can cause injury too. There have also been relocation studies that indicate many squirrels do not fare well when put through the relocation process. We can remove squirrels from your home without needlessly injuring or killing them. Our methods have proven themselves to be the more successful, humane and cost effective choice.

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Reasons To Avoid Using Traps

There are two different ways to trap squirrels: live cage trapping and conibear kill traps. Kill traps are indiscriminate, unforgiving, non-target traps for wildlife. A cage trap, including live traps advertised as humane, can kill squirrels just as easily as a kill trap because of the stress it inflicts on many squirrels. Squirrels can also be injured by the live trap itself as seen in the photo below. We will not use kill traps and prefer to avoid the live trap method unless it is required to reunite a mother with her babies.

squirrel with a head injury from being caught in a live trap
Even though trap and release is often advertised as a humane method of squirrel control, relocation isn't necessarily humane at all because the squirrel will be relocated into a territory already taken by other squirrels - where they will possibly be pushed out and starved, which is a miserable death.

Conibear And Kill Traps

We have many clients turn to our services after seeing squirrels struggle for up to fifteen minutes in a kill trap like similar to the one used in the photo below. These traps often result in crushed skulls, broken ribs, and caught legs that lead to a long, agonizing death for the animal.

If you see traps that look like the body grip styles shown below please know they are designed to snap closed on a squirrel's neck, but they often miss the neck and don't kill the squirrel as quickly as advertised. These traps are also sometimes referred to as Conibear traps.

sample kill traps used on squirrels

If you see these traps around your property or if your wildlife control professional decides to use them, please know that unsuspecting children or other individuals can be hurt, and many do-it-yourself trapping homeowners get fingers caught or injured while trying to set them.

Cats, birds and other non-target animals can stumble upon them resulting in pain and suffering as seen in the photo of the dog below. Most will certainly die if caught in them. We have had several people switch to our services after having witnessed the painful suffering caused by kill traps, including having seen birds and cats inadvertently caught and killed.

pet caught in conibear trap

We understand that not everybody operates their business the unusual way we do, but The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc. will not utilize conibear style traps on your property. Live trapping is not our preferred method of choice either because we believe there are better, more humane methods.

Don't let any service try and convince you that killing or trapping your current nuisance wildlife and patching one hole is anything more than a temporary solution. We know how to remove squirrels and keep them out for good. We believe in humane wildlife control done right the 1st time.

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