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Voles, Moles & Gophers

Information on moles and gophers to help you solve any problems they may be creating. Also, information on our limited list of gopher and mole services.
Please Note

The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc. only offers a select list of mole and gopher services, these do not include trap and kill options, please see below to learn more.

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Mole & Gopher Services

Important Notice - We Only Offer Limited Mole & Gopher Services

Please do not call The Wildlife Whisperer office in regards to mole, gopher, or vole trapping and removal unless you are interested in spending at least $1000 for non lethal methods. The Wildlife Whisperer does not offer lethal mole or gopher removal and live trapping methods do not work well.

Most people choose to have lethal mole and gopher trapping and poisoning done because it is the most cost effective method. Our company offers the below mole and gopher removal options but once again they are expensive and most people choose to have them killed.

Our company does offer the two mole and gopher removal methods listed below, but because they are expensive, most people choose to call companies who offer lethal control.

  • Castor oil applications to the lawn every other week, 12 months out of the year. As a taste deterring repellent we would utilize a hose end applicator and apply castor oil to your entire lawn and flower bed heavily every other week. Personal and professional experience with castor oil applications have certainly proven it very effective but also very messy and expensive. problems with castor oil applications include oily foot prints onto driveways, carpets and hardwood floors, not only from humans, but pets too.
  • Metal barriers to forbid moles and gophers from entering your yard. Steel is not inexpensive but if 16" of steel is installed 12" into the soil surrounding your entire property, it will greatly reduce if not totally eliminate their activity. Although there are tasteful ways of installing 16" of steel in your lawn, it does require totally re-landscaping in most cases. These projects would generally start out at a few thousand dollars.

Although we've included information below on live traps, in the case of gophers and moles we believe there aren't any humane, cost effective alternatives at this time other than landscape modification and barriers.


Controlling Voles, Moles & Gophers

Moles, gophers and voles are known for their ability to quickly turn a beautiful lawn into an ugly, sometimes hazardous environment complete with messy dirt and many holes. If you want to rapidly feel inferior to wildlife, The Wildlife Whisperer recommends attempting to eliminate these destructive critters on your own.

There are many misconceptions and wives tales about how to deal with mole problems including the belief that there exists effective, cost efficient, humane options for controlling them. Such as simply laying out vole traps, mole traps, and/or gopher traps. However, this is not the case. Gopher control and removal is complex.

The bottom line is that most of the popular mole and gopher removal and prevention methods do not work, if they did we would be happy to use them. Sometimes these methods appear to work when in fact they have not, this is because mole and gopher activity is intermittent – they may be gone now, but will be back soon.

Just the same there are some steps you can take to help deter their activities or divert the damage they do away from the beautiful surface of your lawn. Understanding more about moles can also be helpful as well.

Understanding mole gopher habits and behavior is one of the first steps to being able to control them better. It is also imperative to correctly identify what kind of burrowing wildlife is causing the problem. In many cases, it may not be a mole or gopher at all. Voles are often mistaken for moles and woodchucks, ground squirrels and prairie dogs for gophers. Different types of animals require different types of prevention and removal methods for successful control.

We have information for you to help you understand why you might be experiencing problems with burrowing wildlife, how to correctly identify the animal creating the problem, and ways to reduce the havoc it can create.

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