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Wild hogs, also referred to as wild boar, wild pigs or feral pigs, are becoming more prolific in Southwest Florida. Wild hogs normally gravitate to areas where they can find food and water without being harassed. However, on occasion they may move into neighborhoods, golf courses or suburban areas if those locations meet all of their needs. When wild pigs move in they can do a lot of damage and create a health hazard too. If you are having wild hog problems we can help, we know how to get rid of wild pigs.
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Wild Hogs In Southwest Florida

The terms wild hog, wild pig and wild boar actually refer to wild swine of different origins, but, for the most part the public uses the terms interchangeably. For the purposes of this discussion, we will do the same, and use the terms wild hogs or wild pigs, to refer collectively to all nuisance wild swine running loose in Southwest Florida.

Wild hogs are becoming quite a problem in Southwest Florida, particularly in Lee County in areas like Cape Coral and Sanibel Island, tearing up lawns, scaring residents and presenting a health hazard.

The population is increasing at an alarming rate. A study by the Missouri Department of Conservation showed that wild pig populations can double in as little as four months. When you take the breeding capabilities of wild pigs and factor in the plentiful supply of food, water and shelter, their ability to thrive in the area makes perfect sense.

The problem with wild hogs is that they are an invasive species known to eat just about anything. The impact of their opportunistic eating habits causes problems for both humans and other wildlife species.

They deplete food sources needed by other animals including deer, turkey and squirrels. They prey upon turtles, ground nesting birds, and young mammals such as deer fawns, poultry chicks, baby lambs and goat kids. Natural vegetation, crops, ranches, farms, and residential neighborhoods can all be affected when wild hogs move in.

Wild pigs impact the eco-system when they consume nuts and seeds needed for forest regeneration. Their habit of using their 6" tusks to root in the ground destroys vegetation and can lead to soil erosion issues.

Wild boars are highly intelligent, they have razor sharp tusks and can grow to be over 600 pounds. As with any kind of powerful wildlife, they may decide to charge if they feel it is necessary to defend themselves or their young. Some hunters will tell you that hunting wild boar is more dangerous than hunting bears.

Wild hogs have a tendency to carry parasites and disease which can be transmitted to humans, pets, domestic animals or other wildlife species. Millions of dollars are spent each year in the U.S. to keep livestock safe from the diseases carried by wild hogs.

When wild pigs venture into neighborhoods, they can bring all these hazards with them, destroying lawns, wreaking havoc on flower beds and even tearing up fencing. Often they will rub on trees and do plenty of damage in the process. And of course, the diseases and parasites they bring with them are also a good reason not to ignore their arrival.

If your neighborhood has been targeted by wild hogs you will want to address the issue as soon as possible.

We can help with both removal and preventative measures.

Give us a call, we know how to get rid of wild hogs.

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