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Cape Coral Squirrel Control

Squirrels are everywhere in the Cape Coral area, including Fort Myers, Pine Island, Sanibel Island, North Naples, Boca Grande, and Fort Myers Beach.
We can help you prevent or fix squirrel problems in all of these areas.
Squirrels love to nest in attics and can do a lot of damage before and after they get into your home or attic. We work with all kinds of squirrels in the area including the eastern, fox, and flying squirrel. Our squirrel control services are designed to take care of your needs from start to finish and include eviction, removal, exclusion, damage repair, attic clean up and sanitization, proofing and prevention.
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Cape Coral
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Services - Removal, Exclusion & Damage Control

Squirrels often take advantage of vulnerable entry points to gain access to homes, such as barrel tiles or cedar roofs. We took this photo of a squirrel while helping a client get rid of squirrels in their attic.

Our squirrel removal process is often followed by roofing alterations and other repairs which exclude squirrels from your home, offering a long term solution to squirrel problems like the one shown below.

The majority of wildlife control companies in the area utilize trapping as their main method for squirrels in the attic and other wildlife problems. Many area squirrel trappers will charge $200 - $600 (these are not our squirrel removal prices) to trap a set number of animals for a set number of days, and that does not include their repairs.

However, repeated squirrel trapping is not The Wildlife Whisperer's method of choice. But rather, we can show you time proven, more effective methods and control strategies that are longer lasting, more successful, more humane, faster and more cost effective too.

Flying Squirrels In The Cape Coral Area

Flying squirrel removal can be a challenge for residents in the Cape Coral area, which provides a nice habitat for the southern flying squirrel. Flying squirrels are nocturnal so it is rare to catch a glimpse of them in the wild, consequently, many residents are surprised to find out that they live in the area and are a common problem to be wary of.

Cape Coral area flying squirrels are problematic when it comes to trapping and keeping them out of your home forever. However, our exclusion methods work - with one exception. Flying squirrels can easily chew through cedar, meaning they cannot be excluded properly when cedar roofs are present, consequently, The Wildlife Whisperer won't do flying squirrel exclusions on cedar roof homes.

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