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Dig Defence

Dig Defence is an exciting new product that makes it much easier to protect holes and gaps from being utilized by wildlife to invade your home, barn or other structure. It is also a great way to keep animals from digging under and has been utilized to protect everything from homes to airports.
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About Dig Defence Animal Control

Dig Defence Animal Control is a commercial grade wildlife barrier invented by Ned Bruha, the Wildlife Whisperer.
Bruha created a strong commercial grade item that can stand up to a large, deep burrowing, strong and aggressive animals - nuisance wildlife such as foxes, armadillos, raccoons, skunks, opossum, rabbits, porcupines and groundhogs.
Dig Defence® is a heavy gauge, easy to install, sturdy barrier which will permanently and cost-effectively fix problems that previously led to the costly repeated trapping and relocating of wild animals. It is a great way to stop a skunk or opossum from digging under the shed in your back yard - it can even stop your dog from digging under the fence and keep wildlife and people from entering airport runways and other secure areas.
ned bruha demonstrating how dig defence covers up gaps animals would otherwise take adavantage of
close up of dig defence in action as a wildlife barrier
measurements of the Animal Control model designed for larger animals
This life and money saving product will change the wildlife control industry as we know it. It has even been used to keep critters off several airport runways. Dig Defence is also a nice alternative to a Hardware Cloth Bury, which can be time consuming and labor intensive to install.
sample photo of a dig defence animal control panel
Dig Defence requires no trenches, is easy to install, and cost effective. Not only does it help protect against burrowing wildlife trying to enter from below ground, but it helps cover gaps they can enter through too. Possible locations for its use include homes, structures, decks, sheds, airport runway fencing, electrical substations, zoos, barns and ranches.
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buy dig defence commercial grade animal control online

Installing Dig Defence Panels

The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc. would be happy to help you install your Dig Defence products, but installation is fast and easy, so many home and property owners prefer to install it themselves. Installing eleven units to secure a 10' x 12' shed will take less than 30 minutes.

Situations Where Animals Are Already Present

Dig Defence will provide you with a way to keep wildlife out, but if you already have wildlife within your structure you will need to provide them with an exit. There is an easy solution for this - when you install Dig Defence, simply leave a temporary space in the installation area and place a 1-way door over the space that will allow the animals to escape.

Saving Lives With Dig Defence

Dig Defence Animal Control isn't just for homeowners. Commercial buildings, highway departments and airports can all benefit.

Dig Defence® For Airports

Animals on runways create a very dangerous situation. Every year, wildlife problems at airports cause thousands of hours of aircraft downtime and cost the aviation industry billions of dollars. Dig Defence Animal Control panels will not allow animals to burrow under fences - it will save human and animal lives when installed at airports worldwide.
airplane safely taking off from airport runway
security fence example to show that below ground protection is as important as above ground prevention

Dig Defence® For Highway Safety

Highways cut into hills and mountains causing slope erosion. Installing DDAC will dramatically decrease erosion and allow grass to grow again - making highways along hills and mountains a safer place to drive.
sample photo of the dangers created by hillside erosion along highways
sample photo of hillside restored after fixing erosion issues

For Installers & Wildlife Professionals

Dig Defence Animal Control can benefit any wildlife management program - whether you are a non-profit or a commercial business. Non-profits can benefit from it as a way to improve their facilities and increase donations. And Dig Defence is a great way to add another line of easy income to any wildlife control business. If you can operate a T-post driver, a calculator and hammer, you can install this life-saving and money-making product.
Installing 11 units to secure a 10' x 12' shed will take less than 30 minutes. If a trapper charges $250 or more to trap one animal from under the shed, what can you charge to take care of the client's problem forever? And, you'll have about half that dollar amount invested in the materials to fix the problem. It's up to you. Installing a 1-way door over a hole left in the Dig Defence® will allow the animals to exit. No trapping - no relocating - and, a permanent fix that your client's will greatly appreciate. Simply remove the one way door once the animal is gone and drive another piece of Dig Defence® in to fill the last gap and you're done. It will eliminate most hardware cloth buries, make a lot of frustrated pet owners happy, and leave you with many satisfied clients. Think outside the box, there are many uses and tons of income potential.
Talk to us about special bulk order pricing to have a semi-load delivered to your local airport.
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