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Animal Repellents & Drive Away Products

An animal "deterrent" tends to deter (blocks) wildlife from entering a certain area, whereas a repellent actually drives them away. From what we have observed, few repellents actually work, except for a select few like the formulas we make ourselves and the Havahart Spray Away Water Spray.
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The Truth Regarding Popular Repellents

An often successful humane wildlife control method is to simply deter or repel wildlife away from the surrounding area utilizing various specialty items. However, not all popular items may be as effective as advertised.
Popular items include plastic owls, moth balls, fox urine, snake away and other "magic wands". Today's market is saturated with such products, however, few are actually effective and some may even contain ingredients harmful to you, your pets, or the environment. And some are questionable when it comes to being safe and/or humane - in spite of what their packaging says. For instance both Snake Away and Moth Balls contain naphthalene, which has been linked to causing cancer.
If using moth balls, fox urine, mountain lion feces and plastic owls as wildlife repellants worked, do you think the Wildlife Whisperer, Inc. would still be in business? Do you know how many homes we visit that stink like moth balls and fox urine? Do you know how many ineffective plastic owl trophies we have collected over the years? A lot.
popular wildlife deterrents and repellents that you might want to avoid

Does Snake Away Really Work?

You can buy Snake-Away for snakes, "shake-Away" and similar worthless products at almost any local hardware store. They are easy to find because they are the #1 best selling snake repellents around. Just the same, we have not seen anything to lead us to believe the product is effective at all. From what we have seen, most snakes ignore Snake Away to the point of having their young or laying eggs immediately on top of it. Snake Away also contains naphthalene, the same ingredient in moth balls that is linked to causing cancer. on a variety of factors including weather, application and targeted wildlife.
The below videos show test results for two popular snake repellents.
Since the selection at stores can be confusing or misleading at times, we wanted to share with you some products we've successfully used that we feel are much safer and truly humane. Whether or not these products will work for you too, in your specific situation, will depend on a variety of factors including weather, application and targeted wildlife.
And of course it is important to remember that there is a difference between a deterrent and a repellent. A deterrent is usually going to be something that blocks or delays an animal, whereas a repellent is usually designed to produce an unpleasantry that will literally drive them away. Regardless, you may run into these two words used interchangeably in articles, ads or by vendors in various product descriptions.
When you are ready for a natural, safe and effective wildlife repellent - call the professionals at The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc. - we know what to do to keep snakes and other wildlife away.

The Wildlife Whisperer's Repellents

A product like "Snake Away" may be popular and readily available in stores, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it will be effective. The Wildlife Whisperer, however, can help you with repellent products that have actually been shown to work in specific situations. Our products are designed around the principle that all wildlife wants is food, water and shelter. Make their food taste and smell horrible and they will move on.

Rabbit, Armadillo, Skunk, Squirrel and Raccoon Repellants

Our solutions are designed to be pet and family friendly, environmentally safe, biodegradable, natural, non-toxic and long lasting.
There are a lot of rabbit and armadillo repellants on the market. We have tried them all and they do not work. If they did, we would use them. If you have rabbit issues when it is spring, summer or fall, there is no good repellant and trapping them is a waste of time and money.
Plan to re-landscape next year with rabbit proof plants because that is the only thing that will work long term and trying to trap them will cost about the same as your plants, in most cases. If rabbits are eating your garden, we can help rabbit and squirrel proof your garden.
Armadillos are also tough to trap and armadillo repellants do not work in most situations. We will use one particular armadillo repellant that will work if you have a mother armadillo with babies under a concrete slab or in a hole in the ground, but it will not work on entire yards. We would rather try to trap and relocate your troublesome armadillo rather than use armadillo repellants that do not work.
You can spend a ton of money dumping "grub killer" chemicals all over the property, or, just make it all taste "worse than dirt". Even better yet - it is earth, family and pet-friendly too - and safe on all vegetation.
Squirrel, raccoon and skunk repellants do not work. Similar to armadillos, we can use one particular repellant to manipulate the mother into wanting to relocate their young, but, to repeatedly spray it to get rid of them is not going to work and is not a long term solution.

Motion Activated Drive Away Water Sprays

The Havahart Spray Away Motion Activated Water Repellent is a non-chemical solution to unwanted ducks, geese, deer and other animals causing problems in your yard or swimming pool. This infrared, motion activated water sprayer shoots water up to 30' when hooked up to a charged garden hose. Have the children put on a bathing suit and set up the perimeter that you want protected. If your mail delivery person or neighborhood children insist on tramping on your flower beds, this tool will also take care of that problem! Check with your state and local wildlife department to see if it is legal to repel wild animals in this manner.
spray away in garden setting
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