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Commercial properties can present a variety of challenges, everything from utilizing a crane to reach a four story roof to venturing into elevator shafts to simply removing wildlife and keeping tenants at ease. Most wildlife professionals are unable to handle such challenges. However, The Wildlife Whisperer has experience controlling wildlife around commercial properties such as apartments, manufacturing plants and even high rise office buildings.
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Challenges Faced By Commercial Properties

Time is a valuable commodity for any business owner, and it can be difficult to break free long enough to oversee a wildlife control project or manage the restoration process that can sometimes follow.
Tenants are also a concern that needs to be addressed, often they will be frightened by the thought of wildlife invading their space. How you or the wildlife professional you hire handles this circumstance can have a big impact on your reputation.
commercial building presenting a logistical challenge
With a W9 and proof of insurance in hand we can be there at your side with our magic wand in the morning. Direct deposit, billing options, terms, credit cards, P.O.'s and you are closed on the weekend? No problem. Need something worded correctly to send out to employees via email to explain the process? No problem - we do this all day, every day. Time is a valuable commodity for any business owner, and it can be difficult to break free long enough to oversee a wildlife control project or manage the restoration process that can sometimes follow. Need a website? No problem - call Lisa, she will make you look as pretty as we do!
Commercial buildings can also present special logistical challenges such as elevators, high ceilings, large air ducts, powerful fans and difficult to reach roof tops, gaps and pipes - all of which can quickly become dangerous for inexperienced wildlife control technicians.
Such challenges often require less than typical equipment to reach areas of concern, i.e., large cranes, scaffolds or specialized ladders.
If the job isn't handled properly somebody could get hurt, your reputation could suffer and you could lose a lot of time and money in the process.
The Wildlife Whisperer understands your business needs and has the necessary experience to successfully meet all of the above challenges.
providing services to commercial beach front properties

How We Can Help

The Wildlife Whisperer understands how difficult it is to take care of multiple properties and clients at the same time. We typically act as project managers in order to address all of your special needs so you don't have to - from roofing to siding, carpeting to drywall - we can get wildlife out, keep wildlife out, clean up the messes, set your renter/leased property occupants' minds at ease, and allow you to do your job.
The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc. capitalizes on humane wildlife removal and prevention. Our founding motto is "Humane wildlife removal and prevention, done right the first time". Most of our humane, effective methods surpass those suggested by the Humane Society of the United States and most wildlife rehabilitators. The humane way is typically the most cost effective and long term way to solve your nuisance wildlife dilemmas.
Your tenants and customers will notice your desire to do things the humane way too, and many will appreciate the extra efforts in this direction, helping to secure their loyalty and repeat business.
Please remember, even though you may have your own on-site handyman, it is unlikely that they will have the necessary wildlife control experience to do the job properly. Simply making some noise in the attic, throwing mothballs at squirrels, or putting a board over a bat hole does not make the wildlife or problem disappear. And it will usually cost you more money and frustration in the long run. Before you hire a company to remedy your wildlife dilemmas, know the questions to ask - and do so. Hiring the right company now will pay off later.
We will treat your renter like gold, but, it is your building and you are the decision-maker. If you are a landlord or property manager, we can assist you with all your wildlife control dilemmas from start to finish, from taking care of that opossum that is denning under your storefront sidewalk, to the birds soiling that storefront sign that represents your business, to the squirrels in your rent house, apartment complex, warehouse or office building.
By itself, trapping or shooting wildlife is merely a temporary solution to the problem. Preventing future reoccurrences of your wildlife problem is important to us as well, and is usually the best and most cost effective way to approach wildlife dilemmas.
We thank you for considering us to help you eliminate the time it would otherwise take you to solve your wildlife dilemmas on your own. Should your tenants, customers or anybody else ever have questions about wildlife problems on your property, our professionals are available to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - just like wildlife.
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