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oklahoma-baby-raccoonWild raccoons can be interesting to watch. Baby raccoons, called kits or cubs, can be adorable, but kits and adults may be covered with lice and fleas. Raccoon feces, or poo, can contain roundworms making raccoons a health risk to have in the attic – in spite of their intriguing nature. Raccoons will quickly cause extensive damage to your insulation and therefore raise your utility bills. For these reasons, raccoon critters don’t belong around your home. You need fast raccoon removal and control. You should quickly get rid of raccoons and take humane steps to prevent future problems.

Humane Nuisance Raccoon Removal and Wildlife Control Services

skunk-whisperer-humane-removalWe are wildlife management professionals, and we know how to evict raccoons and other animals from your home in a humane manner, and we will do it right the first time. Rather than just using raccoon traps to trap raccoon’s we utilize a variety of methods. Depending on who your insurance company is, we may be able to replace your damaged attic insulation, (now full of potentially hazardous feces) for you with little to no money out of your pocket. We can kill the roundworm and it’s larva too – leaving your house in even better condition than before you were invaded by raccoons.

Many folks have their homes treated for termites and insects. What they do not realize is that termites may take years to do noticeable damage to their homes… raccoons can destroy your heating and air conditioning duct work, and end up under your couch quicker than you can possibly comprehend. Destroying duct work, soiling insulation, destroying family heirlooms and Christmas decorations, electrical, alarm, doorbell, cable, telephone and speaker wires are just some of the damage that we have seen made by raccoons. Raccoons will even tear the entire ridgeline off of a cedar roof just in order to enter an attic.

Gutter Protection Roof Damage from Raccoons

This is a photo of raccoon damage to a roof. This damage was all done within 15 minutes. Raccoons will sit, facing the gutters and use their human-like hands to destroy the roof shingles in order to gain attic entry.
Raccoon in Attic Footprint
Note the raccoon footprints in this photo. Raccoons have human-like hands with fingers that can reach into small gaps on your house and easily open a large hole very quickly, allowing them into the attic.

Note the gap where the yellow-edged board does not meet the fascia board. This is very, very common. Roofers often simply roof over it, thinking nobody will ever know… raccoons, squirrels, insects, spiders and bats know! They can feel the airflow and it indicates to them that they can easily gain entry in that area.

These particular raccoons never got in. The homeowner “shooed” the raccoon off after wondering what the sound was for 15 minutes. The raccoon scampered down the gutter downspout it climbed onto the roof with; yes, raccoons and opossum can climb downspouts. We responded quickly, repairing the roof and installing professional under-the-roof-shingle gutter covers which forbid a raccoon from doing this sort of damage. At the same time, we cleaned the gutters of all decaying leaf matter which had caused an ant problem. Another way to avoid this is to have us make custom downspout gutter covers so that the raccoons can no longer climb up the downspouts. Yes, at times, we do make a living because of things that roofers and builders overlook. This is an example of it being a building problem, not a raccoon problem.

More Information On Raccoons

To humanely get rid of raccoons it is important to understand more about them, including the damage they can do and the disadvantages of the raccoon trap and relocate methods utilized by many wildlife control companies.

raccoon-in-attic-entryDamage Control: Raccoon In Attic – Example Damage Photos  Attic Repair Services
Interesting photos featuring examples of the damage a raccoon can do to your home, roof, attic and insulation including pictures showing droppings and signs of territorial marking. Additional information on our humane raccoon removal, prevention and repair services.

injured-raccoon-in-trapThe Disadvantages Of Trapping: Live Trap Cautions    Relocation Research Findings
When a homeowner has to get rid of raccoon problems and they are trying to decide how to do it, it is important to understand the impact that traditional trapping methods can actually have on an animal – in fact some raccoon trap and relocate methods practiced and advertised by some wildlife companies as “humane” may not actually be humane at all.

baby-raccoons-storyRecent National Coverage: In The News – The Baby Raccoons In The Pepsi Machine
The Skunk Whisperer was recently called upon to rescue some baby raccoons residing in an apartment complex Pepsi machine. The popular story was covered locally on television in the evening news, and nationally and internationally by CBS News, the Associated Press, MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Oblermann, AOL News Headlines and many more.

tulsa-raccoon-rescueArea Specific Information On Raccoons: Raccoons In Tulsa  OKC Area Problems
Information of interest specifically to Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, Enid and other Oklahoma area residents regarding issues specific to those regions. On the job photos taken around Tulsa and OKC, more on raccoon in attic problems and area services.

Dig DeFence® Animal Control Nuisance Wildlife Barrier

sample-dig-defenceDig DeFence® products were created to provide an underground addition to fencing that would prevent dogs from digging under the fence. Bruha has taken this product and modified it into a heavier, commercial grade barrier that can be used to prevent wild animals such as coyotes, raccoons and other nuisance wildlife from digging under your fence, home, deck, shed or other vulnerable area. Dig Defence Animal Control can also be used to protect airport runways and prevent hillside erosion.


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