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Raccoons can do a lot of damage to your home, and they can also bring fleas, lice, ticks and roundworm with them when they move inside. If you've discovered one inside your home you will want to remember that it is important to quickly get rid of raccoons and take humane steps to prevent future problems. We can remove raccoons, fix the damage and make modifications to your home that will prevent recurring issues too.
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Getting Rid Of Nuisance Raccoons

Wild raccoons can be intriguing and interesting to watch. Baby raccoons, called kits or cubs, can be adorable, but it is important to remember that they can be covered with lice and fleas. Raccoon feces, or poo, can contain roundworms making raccoons a health risk to have in the attic. Raccoons can quickly cause extensive damage to your attic and home.

For these reasons, raccoons and other critters don't belong inside or around your home. Once you've discovered a problem, you'll want to secure proper raccoon removal and control services immediately.

Humane Raccoon Removal

Trapping and relocating raccoons is a popular method employed by many wildlife control companies. It is easier and quicker money for them than more humane methods that involve eviction and exclusion instead. We offer trapping services for those times when it is required or our client's insist on it, but it is not our preferred method by any means.

Instead, we prefer to humanely evict the raccoons without trapping, clean up and repair any damage they've done, and make modifications to your home that will keep future raccoons and other critters out for good.

We utilize a variety of methods to evict raccoons without needlessly trapping and relocating them. Depending on who your insurance company is, we may even be able to replace your damaged attic insulation (now full of potentially hazardous feces) with little to no money out of your pocket. We can kill the roundworm and it's larva too - leaving your house in even better condition than it was in before being invaded by raccoons.

Below is a photo of a young raccoon being humanely removed by one of the Skunk Whisperer® team.

If you live in Eastern Oklahoma, the Skunk Whisperer® can help you with all your raccoon control needs from start to finish. We can even help you raccoon proof your home to prevent problems to start with.

Preventative Measures

Raccoons can be very determined once they decide they'd like to get inside your home, however, there are modifications that can be made to help make it very tough for them to succeed.

We would be happy to help you with a consultation or with modifications to your property to help make it more raccoon proof.

In addition to proofing there are also some simple steps you can take to make your home and surrounding area less interesting to raccoons and other wildlife. Feeding your pets inside whenever possible is a great place to start. As seen below, wildlife loves pet food! If you have to feed them outside, the less amount of time the food is available, the better.


Damage Potential

Raccoons can destroy your heating and air conditioning duct work, ruin your insulation, tear up your roof, siding and walls, and end up under your couch quicker than you can possibly comprehend.

Raccoons are driven by their desire for food, water and shelter. They are smart and have strong, agile hands. They are known for their ability to pry open trash cans, coolers and chimney caps. As shown in the photo below, their hands are similar in shape to that of a human's, lacking only a thumb.

Potential damage they can do includes, but is not limited to, destruction of family furniture, heirlooms and Christmas decorations, and electrical, alarm, doorbell, cable, telephone and speaker wire damage. We have seen all these things occur at the hands of raccoons. Raccoons will even tear the entire ridgeline off of a cedar roof just in order to enter an attic.

Below is a photo of raccoon damage to a roof. This damage was all done within 15 minutes. Raccoons will sit, facing the gutters and use their human-like hands to destroy the roof shingles in order to gain attic entry.

roof damage where raccoons used a gap between the roof and house to enter the attic

Note the gap where the yellow-edged board does not meet the fascia board. This is very, very common. Roofers often simply roof over it, thinking nobody will ever know... raccoons, squirrels, insects, spiders and bats - they know! They can feel the airflow and it indicates to them that they can easily gain entry into that area. These particular raccoons never got in. After listening to the raccoon's work in progress, the homeowner decided to go see what was behind it, at which point she discovered the raccoon and shooed it away. To make it's exit, the raccoon scampered down the same gutter downspout it had climbed onto the roof to start with; yes, raccoons and opossum can climb downspouts.

Improper gutter work can make it easier for raccoons to access your roof and attic. We can help our clients avoid raccoon problems by making and installing custom downspout gutter covers similar to those shown here that will take away the ability for the raccoons to climb up the downspouts.
custom gutter cover similar to those used by the Skunk whisperer

We responded quickly to the potential problem, we repaired the roof and installed professional under-the-roof-shingle gutter covers to help prevent raccoons from doing this sort of damage again. We also cleaned the gutters of all decaying leaf matter which was also causing an ant problem.

We often tell homeowners, "you don't have a wildlife problem, you have a building problem". The scenario is a good example of this. Often wildlife control is simply a matter of a few affordable modifications to your home.

Raccoons can cause problems anywhere in or around your home, but they particularly love attics. As you can seen in the photo below, raccoons tore right through this homeowner's vent to access their attic.

Attics offer raccoons an abundant source of shelter, warmth and comfort. Once inside they can create a lot of havoc. We've put together some information concerning raccoons in attics including preventative steps you can take for proactive damage control.


Do It Yourself Cautions

Raccoons are one of those critters that many homeowners think they can capture and get rid of themselves. The problem is that raccoons can be very dangerous to work with and if proper modifications aren't made to your home following the removal process more will certainly be waiting in line to take their place. Supposedly humane live traps that many people choose to use can actually do great harm to the animal and academic relocation studies indicate that raccoons don't fare well after relocation.

There are definitely dangers and disadvantages to do it yourself trapping. For instance, it is likely that the baby raccoon seen in the photo below would have been harmed or left behind to die had the homeowners tried to solve the problem themselves, or if a wildlife control company utilizing trap and relocate methods or improper procedures had been hired to do the job. Fortunately, the Skunk Whisperer® was called in to solve the problem and the raccoon baby was removed and revived unharmed.

ned bruha humanely removing and reviving a baby raccoon

We are wildlife management professionals, and we know how to evict raccoons and other animals from your home in a humane manner, we'll get it right the first time and save you money in the long run too.

Case Study

This female raccoon shown below was live trapped by a homeowner who was fed up with the raccoons in their attic and wanted to save money by removing and relocating the raccoon themselves. The homeowner set a live trap in the attic located above the bedroom and left for work.

raccoon in trap with injury

While he was at work, the raccoon was caught in the trap and began clawing away at the attic floor, which was also the ceiling of the bedroom. Eventually it dug its way through the ceiling and the trap fell through and crashed onto the bedroom floor.

As you can see in the above and below photos, the raccoon struggled so much that she wore the fur off of her head and the skin off of her paw trying to get out. Some raccoon trappers may try to claim that these injuries were caused by mange, but the wildlife rehabilitator who the homeowner took the raccoon to confirmed the wounds were from trying to get out of the trap.

raccoon with injured paw from trying to dig out of trap

Three days after the raccoon was removed, the homeowner returned from work and heard the raccoon babies chattering for their mother. The do it yourselfer then called The Skunk Whisperer® to remove the baby raccoons and take them to the wildlife rehabilitator and raccoon proof his home. One of the baby raccoons had fallen down into a wall and died while wandering around in the attic looking for its mother. We did not find this out until about one week later when he smelled dead in the house. This turned the project into a dead animal removal job which mandated cutting a hole in the wall to remove the dead raccoon. Drywall repair, texture and painting were then required following the removal.

The moral of this story is - sometimes you should just call a raccoon removal professional instead of trying do it yourself methods, calling a redneck with a live raccoon trap and a truck - or even worse, a pest control company that just does wildlife removal on the side. If you are not located in our service area, please visit our humane wildlife control service providers page to find a humane wildlife professional in your area.

A few years back, the Skunk Whisperer® was called upon to rescue some baby raccoons residing in an apartment complex Pepsi machine. The popular story was covered locally on television in the evening news, and nationally and internationally by CBS News, the Associated Press, MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Oblermann, AOL News Headlines and many more.
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