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Cape Coral Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are the number one wildlife complaint in Cape Coral. They can be dangerous to work with but we've been doing humane methods raccoon removal for many years and it is one of our favorite things to do. Our cost effective services are the most comprehensive in the area and include raccoon removal, damage control, and attic clean up and sanitization. We also make the necessary repairs, and exclusion modifications for prevention of future problems.
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Raccoon Removal Services

Signs of a raccoon in your attic include thumping and scurrying noises, especially at night. Adult and baby raccoons make a variety of distinctive vocal sounds that you may hear as well, including growling, chirping and whining. You may never actually "see" a raccoon that has taken up residence in your attic because they usually sleep unnoticed during the day and exit in the evening when it is harder to view them.

If you have a problem with raccoons in your attic or anywhere else around your property, please be aware that adult raccoons can be very dangerous, so if you attempt to remove raccoons on your own you are taking a big risk. It is best to call a professional. There are few other animals their size in Cape Coral that can be more vicious.

The Wildlife Whisperer knows how to solve raccoon problems the humane way without killing, trapping or relocation. We offer trapping and relocation services if clients request them specifically, but our no-trap, no-kill methods have proven to be more affordable and effective than trapping, so trapping is seldom our first recommendation.

Raccoons are our second favorite animal to work with besides bats. Our raccoon removal services can be surprisingly affordable and effective, and we can help you work with your insurance company, many homeowner policies cover raccoon problems specifically. Our clients are constantly amazed at how little money they pay out of pocket.


Raccoon Damage Control

Raccoons and other nuisance wildlife find attics inviting because they provide shelter and a cozy place to bear their young. Gaining entry into an attic is little challenge for a raccoon as they are excellent climbers and strong enough to tear through typical deterrents such as roofs, vents and soffits. Thinly constructed lanai screens are also no match for raccoons.

Many homes in Cape Coral have construction related vulnerabilities such as barrel tile Spanish roofs. There are also a lot of newer construction homes in the area, built post 1970, that are not quite as sturdy a construction as those built before that time.

Raccoons should always be taken seriously. Once inside, raccoons can do a lot of damage - tearing holes in walls, destroying insulation, ripping open ductwork, and chewing on electric wires. Raccoons have their young, (called kits and cubs) in attics in the spring and can stay there until August or later if not remedied. Along with their young, they bring lice and 80% of their feces carries roundworm.

damage to siding of a home caused by a raccoon
Damage To Siding Caused By
A Raccoon Trying To Get In
raccoon poop left behind by raccoons in an attic
Raccoon Feces Left Behind
By A Raccoon In An Attic

If you have a raccoon in your attic, you'll want to get it out ASAP.

Please call us if you have a raccoon that needs to be removed or if you would simply like to make modifications to your home now to prevent problems later. We love helping clients in the Cape Coral area solve their raccoon problems, we can help you in surrounding areas too, including Fort Myers, Pine Island, Sanibel Island, Fort Myers Beach, Boca Grande, Estero, Lehigh Acres and North Naples just to name a few.

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