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The Skunk Whisperer® is First to Provide Non Toxic Pest Control in Oklahoma

August 01st, 2012

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The Skunk Whisperer® is First to Provide Non Toxic Pest Control in Oklahoma

NonToxicPestControl.ComOklahoma – 25 July 2012 – The Skunk Whisperer®, an Oklahoma based humane wildlife control company well known for their appearances on TV and their reputation as the best wildlife control service provider in Oklahoma, has entered the pest control industry: 

“Our clients demanded natural, non-toxic pest control to get rid of the fleas and other pests wildlife brought into their homes. Because nobody offered this non toxic pest service, we decided to research it and give our clients what they wanted. Our pest control methods are prevention and repair-based and our products are truly non-toxic and natural. To the best of our knowledge, we are the first in the U.S. to start doing pest control in this unique manner. Our offices are in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.”

This is a big step for The Skunk Whisperer® and a giant leap forward for the pest control industry.  By setting an example that wildlife can be controlled without trapping and other inhumane methods, The Skunk Whisperer® has inspired many across this nation.  Now through their example of natural and non-toxic pest control services and the guidance of Ned Bruha, the Skunk Whisperer®, will undoubtedly inspire a movement in the non-toxic pest control industry.

“The reason so few pest control companies do not offer truly non-toxic, natural or organic pest control is because it takes a massive amount of desire, research and product testing to have natural and non-toxic products that work. Personally, and as a businessman, I do not want poison in my home or in our clients’ buildings, either. Many advertise “natural” and “non-toxic” but when you research further, it is simply false advertisement to warm your heart and open your pocketbook. Our goal is to change the actual environment of your home, business and property to make pests unwelcome while being careful to not harm beneficial insects. If a pest problem is found, we will first eliminate the sources of food, water and shelter that pests need to survive (sealing cracks, installing screens, moving wood piles, drainage issues and other insect attractants). If it is necessary to use a truly natural, non-toxic pesticide, we will use products in a manner that eliminates risk to people, pets or our environment.

To help clients find and evaluate pest control needs and services, The Skunk Whisperer® has launched a new website,, to accompany their main company website,

Ned Bruha
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