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Wildlife Control Services – The Humane Way

humane-wildlife-control-servicesThe Skunk Whisperer®, Inc., offers homeowners and businesses total wildlife control, from start to finish – the humane way. Our philosophy is built around our belief that humane wildlife control methods are not only the kindest solution to nuisance wildlife problems but also the most effective, long lasting and cost efficient.

Our Humane Total Wildlife Control System

We specialize in getting wildlife out and keeping wildlife out – for good. Nuisance wildlife control and removal is our specialty. Other companies typically specialize in trapping and doing temporary repairs. Trapping is seldom the truly humane solution for wildlife issues. As a matter of fact, if trapping is a mandatory part of a wildlife control company’s solution, you may have to pay to trap again … and again, and again Our “humane wildlife removal and prevention, done right, the first time” system works. Don’t pay for trapping automatically replenished wild animals, get lasting results.

We offer our clients a 10 step total wildlife control system.
1. Inspect your property with a comprehensive check list
2. Determine what, if any, nuisance species is causing damage
3. Determine why wildlife wants to call your property home
4. Explain all options available
5. Preventative alterations, if applicable
6. Evict wildlife, if applicable
7. Damage remediation, if applicable
8. Education and prevention
9. Warranty
10. Follow-ups
Trapping is seldom part of our humane solution. The disadvantages to trapping make it a wildlife control method we prefer to avoid. Our total wildlife control solution will take two trips in most cases, and may be less expensive but last longer, if not forever. Our combined overall effort of making your buildings unattractive to wildlife via several proven techniques will help you coexist with wildlife without conflicts, or totally eliminate your conflicts.

Traditional Wildlife Control Methods Vs. Our Methods

Traditional thinking invokes traditional actions. Killing or live trapping troublesome animals and relocating them is a traditional method of wildlife control and critter control. Because properly fixing the house or business that the wildlife damaged is much more labor intensive and not as easy as simply taking the animal from point A to point B, most companies inadvertently only provide temporary repairs, if any, and therefore only temporary solutions. Many wildlife control companies attempt to exclude (fix the house so wildlife leaves but cannot re-enter), but cannot successfully get wildlife out and keep them out. If more people knew how to make the proper alterations to buildings for long term results, many companies would still not change their approach because of the difficulty, business overhead, building materials and tools required for proper repairs.


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