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Interim Proofing

Bats are dangerous to have inside your home. If you have discovered bats inside your attic you'll need to take precautionary steps immediately to keep them from getting inside your living areas until they can be properly evicted by a wildlife professional. We've prepared a guide to help you proof your living areas during the interim period. If you are in Cape Coral or surrounding communities please contact us, we would be happy to help.

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Protecting Your Home And Family

If bats are in your area but not inside your actual house yet, there are steps you can take to keep your building secure.

First, call a wildlife professional to do a close inspection of your property. Next eliminate any gaps or holes in your structure that are larger than ¼" by ½".
bat showing teeth

If bats are found in your attic or home, bat removal, or "exclusion", can only be completed at certain times of the year due to bat breeding and hibernation cycles. However, preparation can begin at any time and it is also possible to proof the living areas of your home during the interim.

Please know that seasonal restrictions are not simply a matter of doing things the humane way. If bats are evicted during the wrong time of the year baby bats will inadvertently be left behind to die. Baby bats are next to impossible to find, so rescuing them is not an option either. When a baby bat dies inside the walls or attic the smell can be unbearable.

Step By Step Guide

The below guide is meant to provide a temporary solution, a way to make you and your family safer during the interim until the exclusion proofing process can be completed. These precautions will be unsightly, depending on how you do them, but they are mandatory.

Once again, keep in mind they are temporary.

  1. Go to your local hardware store, i.e., Lowes, Home Depot, Westlake, etc. Your favorite store should have the following items that you will need to keep the bats at bay until September.
  2. Purchase the following items: Colored 1"-2" painters tape: this is easily removed, depending on the color. Clear plastic sheeting. Push pins. A water soluble caulk.
    tape for interim proofing
  3. Before affixing tape, always test it on the same surface in an inconspicuous area in case the tape will remove the paint, stain, or finish, once the tape is removed.
  4. Close your fireplace flue(s). Tape plastic over the face of the fireplace, flues, and where the fireplace meets the floor.
  5. Your next goal is to find every INDOOR gap that measures ¼" or more. Bats can fit through any gap that size or larger. These must all be sealed until the full exclusion process is complete.
  6. Any open doorways or arches must be closed off with plastic, tape and/or stickpins. Affix the tape all the way around, including the floor, eliminating any gaps they could crawl through.
  7. Check can lights, all light fixtures, attic openings, closet ceilings, above ceiling trim, all door gaps, bathroom vent fans, kitchen range hoods, and so on. Remember, this is only temporary.
  8. If you plan on painting soon anyway, use caulk to close up any gaps, where applicable.
  9. If this is a house, when you go to bed, tape yourself and your children in their rooms. It is important that you do not have any contact with the bats without your knowledge while asleep.
  10. When morning comes, check the entire home/dwelling. The bats cannot get out of a taped up room except for where they entered it. Remove any bats, and start over again.

Repeat this process until you are certain that there are no more bats entering the dwelling. You can slowly eliminate plastic and tape as you see fit and appropriate. This bat proofing process should allow you to sleep better at night.

For safety reasons it is always best to leave bat control to the professionals, however, it is still important to know the facts about bat removal and exclusion, how to handle bats safely and rabies concerns.

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