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Bats are very beneficial to our environment, but it is dangerous to have bats in your home or business. Bat control is one of our specialties, and we believe it is important to utilize techniques that help promote bat conservation while simultaneously ensuring the safety of homeowners and their families.
Bats are prolific in Florida, and they keep us busy. The warm temperate climate, dense foliage, plentiful fresh water supply and an abundance of insects gives bats everything they need - food, water and shelter.
There are seasonal and safety issues involved when it comes to effectively solving bat problems so we have put together some info to help our clients better understand the process and why we do things the way we do.
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Humane Bat Control Services

Many people consider bats the winged spawn of Satan, and would rather have them dead than in their backyard flying around eating thousands of mosquitoes; which, by the way carry more diseases than bats.

The fact that bats are beneficial in the environment outside the home, but dangerous on the inside, makes proper bat control methods particularly important. Bat problems are one of our favorite wildlife issues to deal with and we like to approach the concept of bat control with humane bat conservation in mind. Getting rid of bats doesn't have to be cruel. We know how to humanely move them from the inside of your property to the outside where they belong - and solve your bat problems for good.

big brown bat clinging to tree
Bats are beneficial outside where
they eat mosquitoes and other insects

Bat Control Considerations

There are several signs that might indicate a bat problem including guano (bat feces) on the deck or ground outside your home, thumping noises in the attic, grease marks at potential entry points, or simply sighting the bats entering or exiting your structure.

However, bat problem indicators are often missed or mistaken for signs of something else. So we have prepared a section with extensive information on just this topic alone to help you identify the problem before the situation gets dangerous or grows exponentially in severity.

Bat control can be a complex process affected by many factors including when they were discovered, breeding and feeding habits, roosting, hibernation and migration, and of course, these are affected by what region you live in and what types of bats you have.

Due to bat's breeding and hibernation habits, completion of the removal process cannot be done from late spring through mid-August. But in the meantime, there are proofing, building and eviction preparations that can and should be done immediately. These are a must to make your living or office areas safe in the meantime.

In other words, if you've seen bats in your home, call a professional and take vital safety actions now, regardless of the time of year.

In our Bat removal section we go into detail about the removal process, including attic eviction, exclusion and proofing. We also take a closer look at seasonal considerations, and the reasons for those restrictions.

When you discover bats inside your structure, it is important to take interim proofing steps to exclude the bats from the living or working areas of your home or office until the removal process is complete. As a matter of fact, it is crucial that it be done properly and immediately to ensure the safety of your employees and family.

Disease, Handling & Safety Concerns

There are important safety concerns related to bats inside buildings, including bite issues, rabies and other diseases. Proper exclusion, handling and clean up are key when it comes to avoiding these hazards.

Additional Information On Bats

Understanding bats and how they live can be a very powerful tool when it comes to bat control around your home. So we've put together some helpful information for you, including interesting facts about bats such as breeding and seasonal habits, and information on some common types of bats found in Florida, including the evening bat, big brown and Mexican free-tailed.

We've also provided information on the benefits of having a bat house and how it can offer an affordable natural alternative to pesticide based mosquito control, as well as some fun facts about bats and mosquitoes. Providing bats with a place to live outside can sometimes deter them from trying to move inside. And just for fun - information and interesting facts about the infamous vampire bat found south of the border.

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