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How To Conduct A Bat Watch

Bat watches are encouraged not only to determine how many bats you have, but also to solidify where the main entry and exit points are, and to determine if there are any previously unnoticed access areas being used by the bats. A bat watch can be quite fun if done correctly. We have explained below a successful method for many people, and have been told in return that it was a fascinating event, in spite of being required due to an overwhelming situation.
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The Skunk Whisperer Bat Watch Method

A bat watch is best performed during the warm weather months, rather than late fall or during colder weather. Winter watches are usually fruitless, as bats do not move around much until the weather warms.

There is no need to count the bats, although it is fun. The procedure and cost to evict 1,000 bats from a structure is generally the same as a structure with only three bats. Mainly, you are trying to find out where they are getting in and out - their access areas to the inside of your home.

But, if you would still like to get an estimate of how many bats you have, just for the fun of it, or out of simple curiosity, you will need to do this watch 3 nights in a row, and take the average of the 3 evenings.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Look for bat droppings, also known as feces or guano, on the ground around your home. Grease marks can also be a good indicator of the bat colony's most likely entry and exit points.
    You will want to pay close attention to these specific areas during the watch. For more information on indicators of bat problems and where they may be getting in and out of your home please visit our page on the topic.
  2. For a typical 2,000 sq. ft. structure, four or more people are preferable. The more people you have to help you, the more accurate your count will be, and also important, you'll be more likely to discover every nook and cranny the bats are using.
  3. Set up lawn chairs at the corners of the infested structure, and other points of interest, such as attic vents, chimneys, and roof peaks. On commercial brick buildings with metal trim, pay extra close attention to the area around the metal trim.
  4. If you have a chiminea, fire pit, or other wood burning device, light it up to start smoking the mosquitoes out of the area. Remember the mosquitoes carry more diseases than the bats do. Combine this with mosquito repellants, perhaps a mosquito propane device, and your favorite soda or beverage, and start the evening. Friends and family will enjoy this, and will be more anxious to help if the event is made fun and mosquito free. Older children will enjoy it too.
  5. Place your most astute eyes in the important areas and younger children that cannot count or do not have the best attention span in the areas least likely to have bats. Where you place your observers will be important to the success of the watch.
    lady watching for bats
  6. At dusk, the swallows will start to fly around with their erratic flight pattern. Immediately after the swallows are done, and sometimes slightly overlapping the bats exiting, the bats will start to fly up and out, or drop out of the structure. For the most part swallows fly in a jerky pattern similar to bats, but hunt during the day and are heading in just about the same time the bats are heading out.
  7. Depending on the amount of light in your area, continue to count until you cannot see any more exit. Sometimes they will continue to exit, and all you will be able to see is their shadow or silhouette.
  8. Bats are quick. Be alert. If you are short staffed, a baby camera or video camera can be employed in a few areas. Do not shine a bright light, as the bats do not usually care for this, and it may disrupt your watch. Many baby cameras have an infrared camera, and will be a perfect camera for this situation.
  9. Remember, for an "accurate" count, you must average the number that you saw three nights in a row.
  10. Remember, the cost and procedure to evict and exclude 1,000 bats is generally the same as to evict just a few.
  11. If you are not able or willing to do a bat watch, do not worry. Most of the time, we can come to your home and point out exactly where the bats are entering and exiting without doing a bat watch, and within minutes. But to be certain, we always prefer that a bat watch be done. We can orchestrate the event with your friends and family, or you can employ us to enjoy the watch.
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