You may think you have a rabbit problem, but what you really have is a landscaping, building or geographical issue. You may not be able to fix the geographical component, but you can fix the building and make changes around your property. Fencing, barriers, repellants, even choosing specific plants that are not attractive to rabbits, are all affordable, effective, rabbit control methods that you can implement around your home.
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Rabbit Control

Plan now to avoid rabbit issues later! Every year we get incredible numbers of calls about rabbits and bunnies eating flowers and plants in flower beds. It is typically cheaper to replace the plants with ones rabbits do not eat than to repeatedly trap rabbits. The University Of Arizona College Of Agriculture And Life Sciences has put together a very helpful list of rabbit and deer proof plants that provides valuable information for property owners looking to design rabbit resistant landscaping.

When rabbits are eating flower bed plants, there is no reason for them to hop into a trap. In addition, trapping rabbits will only open that territory to others who will soon move in. Rabbits are very selective about where they live, so if you have them in your neighborhood now, you always will. You must change your habits or trap forever and lose plants.

In other words, the problem isn't going to be fixed by removing rabbits from your property one by one, the only solution will be to make adjustments that address the geographical, territorial, structural and landscaping problems that are letting the rabbits take over in the first place. Addressing these issues doesn't have to be expensive.

We can help you with preventative measures and products. Prevention can go a long way when it comes to rabbit control and preventing damage around your home, lawn, flower beds and yard.

Simple, cheap, short wire fence sections like the one shown above can be found at your local hardware store. Placing these around your flower beds can help keep the rabbits out. Utilizing Dig Defence Animal Control, which we can help you install, we can alter a fenced in yard so rabbits can never get under or through your fence, or under your deck or shed. The photo below shows how effective Dig Defence can be when it comes to sealing up gaps and spaces a rabbit might use to gain access.

Bunny Repellants

When it comes to using repellants to get rid of rabbits, we have two products we use depending on the age of the rabbits.

Our rabbit repellants are pet and family friendly, environmentally safe and biodegradable, natural, non-toxic long lasting and rain resistant.

They are dual action, working to repel via both scent and taste and are safe on edible crops too.

A Combined Plan For Getting Rid Of Rabbits

All a rabbit wants is food, water and shelter. We can certainly make their food taste and smell horrible and they will move on, but for long lasting results we recommend a combined plan of action - one that combines repellants and property modifications.

Repellents can help drive rabbits away but combining the repellants with property modifications will help keep them and their buddies from coming back - eliminating the need for repeat repellent treatments.

We have effective exclusion methods for decks, fences and sheds that have proven to be highly effective at keeping rabbits away.


What To Do When You Find Baby Wild Rabbits

If you find a nest of uninjured baby rabbits in your yard, it is best to leave them alone. Their mother has left them "alone" for a reason - to avoid attracting predators via her presence. Consequently, a mother rabbit will only visit her young about 2-3 times a day.

Identifying Orphans

If you stay outdoors and wait for the mother to return, she will not. To see if the baby rabbits truly are orphans, make an "X" with small sticks or pieces of thread over the nest to be able to tell if the mother bunny is returning to feed them. If the "X" you made has been moved by the next morning, you will know that the mother rabbit has returned. If the "X" is undisturbed for 24 hours, you will want to contact a wildlife rehabber.

If you do have a baby rabbit nest like the one seen above in your yard, keep all pets out of the area or you can fully expect to be taking half dead bunnies to a wildlife rehabilitator. Walk you dog in the front yard until the rabbit family has moved elsewhere. Do not try to raise a baby bunny or rabbit on your own, as they are difficult to raise. You should not touch the nest or bunnies because you will get your human scent on it. If the rabbit is 4" tall with erect ears, the eyes are open and there is very little white on the head, the baby rabbit is able to be on its own. Leave it alone. Please see our list of wildlife rehabilitators to find one in your area.

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