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Skunk Damage Control

When most people think of skunks as a nuisance animal, skunk odor issues are the first thing they usually think of, but skunks can also be a problem for lawns and flower beds, making smart skunk damage control methods a must.

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Flower Beds And Lawns

It may come as a surprise, but skunks are similar to raccoons because they both will eat almost anything that does not eat it first, i.e., poultry, eggs, (shells crushed inward) corn on the cob, insects and grubs.

When skunks are grubbing on lawns, they can cause thousands of dollars in damage in one evening. Their digging typically looks like 3 to 4 inch cone shaped holes or chunks / patches of overturned sod and soil.

A skunk’s digging nature can create havoc on a beautiful garden, the below picture shows flowers that were systematically uprooted by a skunk in search of his next meal.

flower beds damaged by skunks

If you have skunks or armadillos tearing up your lawn and uprooting plants, give us a call. Our skunk repellent repellents are simply incredible and cost much less than fences or repeatedly trapping animals.


Skunk Caused Damage To Homes

Skunk problems are actually building problems. Below you’ll find a photo of skunk damage to a home. In fact, skunks will dig one foot down, one foot across, and one foot back up to get under a building's foundation. If the cause of the issue is not fixed, the problem will be recurring as the previous skunk’s feces and pheromones will attract new ones and the problem will begin again. We fix this type of problem every day and we can stop them for good via time proven techniques.

damage to crawl space screen under home

The best way to prevent such skunk damage is to practice humane skunk control and removal methods before the damage is done. There are also things you can do to help get rid of skunks the humane way and we can provide assistance getting rid of the smells and odors they can cause around the home. If you’re in Oklahoma give us a call, we can help.

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