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Getting Rid Of Skunks

When it comes to skunk removal, a skunk is one of the top three most difficult animals to trap - just behind rats and armadillos. We can assist you with trapping skunks but it is not our preferred method - there are better, more effective, humane ways to get rid of skunks than trapping and relocating.

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Humane Skunk Removal

Spring is skunk breeding season! By summer, most skunks have had their kittens, and are really raising a stink. Skunks can become a nuisance when they decide to live under a structure or spray the family pet. Skunks around your structure can also enter your house.

Skunks can also do a lot of property damage - very efficiently in search of their next meal. Many people are surprised to find out that trapping skunks is not always the best answer.

We have an alternative to help you get rid of skunk critters, humane solutions that end up being the most effective method anyway.

One of the problems with trapping and relocation, is a skunk will leave pheromones behind, as well as, skunk spray, urine and feces your building and surrounding area has now become a magnet for additional wildlife to be attracted to... perhaps not today or next week, but next month or two years down the road - they will be back.

skunk walking around that homeowner's would like to get rid of

We can eliminate or reduce these wildlife attracting smells. We can trap skunks and other critters for you all year long, but that will not solve your problem. What good does it do to continuously remove an overabundant, automatically replenishing commodity?

Our competition may attempt to impress upon you that this is the right thing to do... but typically all trapping does is take money from your pocket, and place it in ours. We do not believe that is the right way to do business. It is our goal to do the job the right way - the first time.

Castor Oil

If you do not have a fence to keep skunks out of the yard and flower beds, one of the best ways to prevent skunk grubbing activity and digging damage to lawns and flower beds is to treat problem areas with Castor oil. Skunks are after bugs playing under outdoor lights, earth worms along with the good and bad grubs in your flower beds and lawns; castor oil serves as a taste deterrent. The nasty taste will typically make them move on. About 99% of our clients who have used twice as much as the label suggests have reported that it worked well for them. Most large hardware stores sell a castor oil with a garden hose end spray applicator. It is intended for deterring moles and gophers in the form of a taste deterrent. There are many, many types of castor oil - this one works best for skunks, armadillos, raccoons and wildlife digging for grubs. You can find it in their pest and mole/gopher control section. Take the ready to use product and cover the lawn spreading oil heavier on flower beds. Repeat if needed. Liquid fence castor oil repellant or, if your local store does not carry it, go to your hardware store and look for Sweeny's brand castor oil, intended for moles and gophers, which works about the same if you apply twice as much as the directions say.

The Wildlife Whisperer – Methods and Services

First, we will be inspecting for burrows, runways, droppings, tracks, and of course - odors. We also have special cameras to inspect burrows for nests and occupants. Second, we will concentrate on how you want to proceed - to take care of the problem just this time, or for good. Last, but most important, we will start altering your building and surrounding area to make certain that skunks cannot get inside ever again; we remove skunks for good.

How you proceed, should depend on if you want to just take care of the current problem, or take care of it for good – so you don’t have to deal with it again. Do you just want it “done”, or done right the first time?

Dig DeFence® Animal Control Nuisance Wildlife Barrier

Dig DeFence® products were created to provide an underground addition to fencing that would prevent dogs from digging under the fence. Bruha has taken this product and modified it into a heavier, commercial grade barrier that can be used to prevent wild animals such as coyotes, raccoons and other nuisance wildlife from digging under your fence, home, deck, shed or other vulnerable area. Dig Defence Animal Control can also be used to protect airport runways and prevent hillside erosion.

Follow Up After Removal

Once you get rid of the skunks around your home you may very well be left with some odors around your property, particularly if they had set up house around your air conditioning unit or duct work. We have machines designed to help get rid of skunk odors, as well as a formula to help you get rid of skunk smell problems that may be the result of getting sprayed.

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