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There are many things to take into consideration when doing bat control in Cape Coral, there are seasonal restrictions, government regulations, and simply doing the job right so they don't come back again. We are experts at bat control, we've been doing it for many years and it is our favorite wildlife control project to do. We're familiar with the types of bats in the area and the regulations surrounding bat removal. We know what to do to keep your family safe and fix your bat problem for good. We can also help you if you live in Fort Myers, Captiva, Sanibel Island, Pine Island, Lehigh Acres, Boca Grande, or other areas within the region.
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Several bat species live in the Cape Coral area, including the Brazilian free-tail, big brown bat, big-eared bat, southeastern myotis, and evening bat. The Brazilian free-tail bat is one of the most common found in Cape Coral attics. They are easy to distinguish from other bats by the tail sticking out "freely" from between their legs.

The Brazilian free tailed bat, also referred to as the Mexican free tailed bat (depending on where you live) lives in large colonies that cluster together for warmth and security. The photo below is not of Mexican free tailed bats, but we wanted to show it to you because it is a good example of how tightly bats can cluster together, and how very many of them can bunch together in a small area by doing so.

A colony of bats will usually range between 100 to 1000, so if you have bats in your attic, it is a pretty good bet that you have a "lot" of bats. That's a lot of guano being produced on a daily basis and it can add up quickly.

When it comes to bat control, it is important to note that bats are a protected species in Florida, they cannot be trapped and relocated. However, there is a bat removal method that is allowed in Cape Coral, this involves letting the bats out through a specially constructed one-way escape valve, and then modifying the structure to exclude the bats from returning and getting back in at a later time.

Bat removal is restricted by law to certain times of the year, and bats cannot be excluded during their "maternity season". In Florida, the bat maternity season runs from mid-April through the first half of August. Trying to remove bats while they still have babies hidden inside, will lead to dead baby bats, and not only is that cruel but the resulting odor can create a lot of problems for homeowners too.

If you suspect you have bats it would be best to act quickly in case their is time to get them out before the allowed removal period is over. If removal has to be delayed, we can still proof the living areas inside your house to keep the bats in the attic and away from your family and pets, until they can be removed. We can also get started on modifications on the outside of your home so when removal is allowed you will be ready to go.

It is important to find a company that knows what they are doing - amateur mistakes, improper timing, inadequate repairs or simply missing a small gap, will open the door for bats to return and your problems will start all over again. Your professional should also know construction styles and how they apply to the job at hand. If you have bats - call us - we know bats, we know the restrictions, and we know construction styles too.

Bat exclusion is one of our specialties and we've been using the exclusion one-way valve method to get rid of bats successfully for many years.

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