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Products With Conservation In Mind

The concept of humane wildlife control goes hand in hand with wildlife conservation and it is particularly nice when a product is beneficial to both wildlife and humans. Bat boxes for your home or environment and the Froglog for swimming pools are great examples of this concept. License plates are a great way to raise awareness and that is helpful for wildlife too.
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Bat Boxes & Mosquito Control

Bats can eat thousands of mosquitos per night and they can be very beneficial to have around - as long as they are not living inside your home. One way to encourage the presence of bats is to provide them with a home such as a "man made" bat house.
Quite frankly some bat boxes work better than others. You will want to look for a bat house box that is properly chambered, weathers well, mounts easily and meets the Bat Conservation International Guidelines. A high capacity box with easy access for bats is also preferable.

The Frog Log For Swimming Pools

The Froglog is a swimming pool escape ramp for snakes, toads, frogs, lizards, mice, chipmunks, squirrels, ducklings, turtles, bugs, insects, and other small animals up to one pound. The Froglog saves native wildlife, keeps swimming pool water clean, and reduces time spent on pool maintenance. If wildlife is getting into your swimming pool, a Frog Log as seen in the video below may be helpful.
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