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Wildlife Barriers To Proof Roof & Home

One of the ways you can help control wildlife around your property is to wildlife proof your structure. And one of the first places to start when proofing your home is to protect the entry points, including pet doors, laundry vents, chimneys and weep holes. Fortunately, there are humane products available to help proof and protect vulnerable areas from invading animals.
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Dig Defence® Ground Level Barriers

Dig Defence® products were created to provide an underground addition to fencing that would prevent dogs from digging under the fence. Bruha has taken this product and modified it into a heavier, commercial grade barrier that can be used to prevent animals such as armadillos, raccoons and other nuisance wildlife from burrowing under your fence, home, deck, shed or other vulnerable area. Dig Defence® Animal Control can also be used to protect airport runways and prevent hillside erosion. Dig Defence® is made in the United States and has a utility patent.
Dig Defence® has been installed at Washington State's Fairchild Air Force Base and surrounding the Teterboro, NJ Airport as well as other airports and military installations. Dig Defence® products are not only saving pet lives but also potentially saving human lives!

Woven Wire & Hardware Cloth

A hardware cloth bury, also known as an l-shaped barrier is a useful and preventative measure that helps keep skunks, rats, opossums, armadillos and other burrowing wildlife from getting under your deck, home, air conditioning unit, concrete slab or other vulnerable ground entry area around your property. Until we co-invented Dig Defence Animal Control, a back-breaking and labor intensive hardware cloth bury was the only way Wildlife Professionals all over the US could help their clients. Safety procedures and proper installation are key so we've prepared a helpful hardware cloth bury guide to help get you started with your project, including photos, illustrations and a step by step photo essay.

A Solution To Weep Hole Problems

Weep holes are a standard construction technique in the building of brick and stone homes. We install thousands of custom weep hole covers each year, saving our clients a ton of insect, spider, snake and scorpion problems, naturally. The idea is to allow the structure to breath and to provide a place for any incoming water to exit. The problem is they also offer an entry point for rats, mice, snakes, bugs and other pests to enter through your brick. Simply closing these gaps with the proper kind of barrier can save you a lot of money and frustration. A weep hole cover that lets the water out while keeping wildlife and pests from getting in is needed. The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc. can install this and other wildlife barrier products for you to help us further critter and bug-proof your building. Watch the below video of this product and just how easy weep holes can make it for wildlife to get inside your home.
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