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ned-bruha-removing-possumThe Skunk Whisperer® performs work that provides a long term, permanent and guaranteed solution for wildlife problems. Do you really want to pay a pest control company to repeatedly trap auto-replenishing wild critters? Those animal damage repairs may be more intensive than you realize. You have choices– a temporary solution for that raccoon or the bats in your attic, the skunk under your deck, opossum under your shed or rats in the crawl space –-or a long term solution.

Skunk Whisperer Animal Control TruckYears ago, Ned Bruha started “Bruha’s Nuisance Wildlife Control, Inc.” before he deployed to Afghanistan. In the beginning, Bruha set live cage traps for squirrels, raccoons, opossum, skunks, rats and other animals invading sheds, decks, crawl spaces and attics. Bruha would point at the hole that the wild animal critter was using and tell the client “you need to get that fixed”. Because he was so busy trapping and relocating animals, he would refer the repairs to a local handyman.

As time went on, Bruha realized that he continually had to go back to the same homes and businesses and trap more wildlife all the time, so he started doing repairs for his clients. One of the repairs was a type of barrier that kept animals from digging under foundations and sheds, called a “hardware cloth bury”. Bruha tore his shoulder in 9 different places doing this hard work, and could no longer easily do all of the ladder lifting. At the same time, Bruha realized that trapping and relocating the wild animals and critters was not only not truly helping his clients, but it was bad for the animals due to research proving such.

With Bruha’s torn shoulder and excitement to expand the business after getting back from an Army deployment, Bruha hired his first employee and changed the name of the company to The Skunk Whisperer®, Inc.

“The Skunk Whisperer®” started as a nick-name, but with the encouragement from clients and friends because they no longer trapped animals as part of their nuisance animal solutions, they took on the new company name. Because of Bruha’s type-A personality and high energy level, guerilla marketing attracted him and the skunk-striped-vehicles he dreamt up attracted clients to a unique, long term solution for their wildlife dilemmas.

The Skunk Whisperer® intends to “raise the bar” for wildlife control methods and standards, encouraging the general public and the industry to utilize wildlife removal methods that do not hurt animals or pocketbooks as much as repeatedly trapping vs. fixing the root problem. The root problem is typically going to be the three big wildlife attractants: food, water and shelter. If you eliminate or alter one or more of those three things correctly, wildlife problems disappear naturally. We hope to have a franchised office in your town, soon.

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