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The Skunk Whisperer®, Inc. utilizes methods that surpass those suggested by The Humane Society Of The United States to help control squirrel problems. We can humanely evict a squirrel from your attic or home, show you how to prevent squirrels from returning and help repair any attic or home damage that they've caused. We are experts in squirrel removal and damage control.
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Solutions To Your Squirrel In Attic Problems

Squirrels are just one of many kinds of wildlife that can quickly damage your attic and home. As a matter of fact, once wildlife invades your attic, the scent they leave behind will attract other species to move in as well.

The squirrel in the picture shown here was found in an attic that had once been inhabited by birds, that was until the squirrel in the photo ran them off, only to utilize the 6' high pile of nesting material they left behind to access the attic window for a "bird's eye view" of the surrounding area. Squirrels in your attic and the scent they bring with them can also attract larger wildlife like raccoons.
squirrel in attic found sitting on top of a six foot high bird's nest

This is a good example of why you do not want to let wildlife into your attic and why you want to get rid of them quickly when they do make it in.

Squirrels love to party and nest in your home's attic, the attic habitat provides lots of space and shelter. This is a picture of a squirrel on the way to the attic with a mouth full of nesting material to make it's nest, also known as a "drey". Trees close to your home can provide wildlife easy access to your roof and attic.
squirrel with nesting material headed for an attic

Humane Squirrel Removal

We use humane, time proven methods to get rid of squirrels in the attic, all of which are very effective. We evict squirrels from buildings and make it so that they cannot get back in via repairs and reinforcements. Our motto is wildlife removal and prevention done right the first time.

Nature tends to replenish the baby squirrel population twice a year and we get calls about squirrels in the attic year around. We prefer to avoid laying of squirrel traps, and squirrel trapping, and use only cost effective humane wildlife control techniques to help you evict and effectively get rid of squirrels in the attic, home, yard and surrounding area.

hungry baby squirrel found in attic
We prefer to use humane methods
to remove squirrels from attics

Other Squirrel Control Considerations

In addition to attics, squirrels can also cause yard, roof and home damage too. To better understand squirrel problems it is important to know more about the species, i.e., types, habits and damage potential.

We see a lot of damage done by squirrels to attics, roofs, siding, wiring, and other areas around homes. It is important to be pro active so we have put together some damage example photos for you to see, so you will be able to recognize a problem before your squirrel problem grows out of control.
squirrel found in attic

We also have information on baby squirrels, territorial behavior, species differences, and the flying squirrel (the havoc it can create in your attic).

Oklahomans may find our sections on squirrel problems in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City regions an interesting read.

When it comes to squirrel removal, it is important to understand the disadvantages of the more traditional practices which utilize trapping and relocating as the primary method of control.

We put together some photos and information on squirrel trapping to help illustrate why it is not our preferred method of choice. These photos may be difficult to look at but they show the suffering squirrel trapping can cause and the downside to live trap and relocate methods.

Prevention is key when it comes to controlling squirrels around your home, modifications to your structure are often helpful and there are other tools such as the Critter Guard wildlife control barrier can help too.

Check out this funny squirrel video showcasing the critter guard product and how it can keep determined squirrels from crawling onto neighborhood electric lines or getting into vulnerable areas around your home.

We are the only authorized Critter Guard dealer in Oklahoma. Our customers were some of the first there to use Critter Guard products to proof their homes, buildings and power poles.

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