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squirrel in attic removal control trappingThe Skunk Whisperer®, Inc. utilizes methods that surpass those suggested by The Humane Society Of The United States to help control squirrel problems. We can humanely evict a squirrel from your attic or home, show you how to prevent squirrels from returning and help repair any attic or home damage that they’ve caused. We are experts in squirrel removal and squirrel control.

Squirrels love to party and nest in your home’s attic, the attic habitat provides lots of space and shelter. The squirrel picture shown below is actually a squirrel on the way to the attic with a mouth full of nesting material to make it’s nest, known as a “drey”.

squirrel headed to an attic with nesting materialNature tends to replenish the baby squirrel population twice a year and we get calls about squirrels in the attic year around. We avoid laying of squirrel traps, and squirrel trapping, and use only cost effective humane wildlife control techniques to help you evict and effectively get rid of squirrels in the attic, home, yard and surrounding area.

Solutions To Your Squirrel In Attic Problems

Attic Squirrel Removal ProSquirrels are just one of many kinds of wildlife that can quickly damage your attic and home. As a matter of fact, once wildlife invades your attic, the scent they leave behind will attract other species to move in as well. For instance, the attic shown in the picture to the right had been inhabited by birds, that was until the squirrel in the photo ran them off, only to utilize the 6 foot high nest they left behind to access the attic window for a “bird’s eye view” of the surrounding landscape. Squirrels in your attic and the scent they bring with them can also attract other, larger wildlife like raccoons. This is a good example of why you do not want to let squirrels or any other wildlife into your attic and why you want to get rid of them quickly when they do make it in. We use humane, time proven methods to get rid of squirrels in the attic, all of which are very effective. We evict squirrels from buildings and make it so that they cannot get back in via repairs and reinforcements. Our motto is wildlife removal and prevention done right the first time.

Other Important Information About Squirrels

To better understand squirrel control methods it is important to know more about the species including, types, habits, prevention and damage potential. It is also important to understand the disadvantages of the more traditional practices which utilize trapping and relocating squirrels as the primary method of control.

a baby squirrel - interesting squirrel informationSquirrels In General: Interesting Facts   Flying Squirrels   Tulsa Squirrels   The OKC Area
A look at some interesting facts about squirrels including species differences, territorial behavior and baby squirrels. We’ve also got information for you on the Flying Squirrel and the havoc it can create in your attic. Also, of interest to fellow Oklahomans, squirrel problems in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Norman and Edmond regions of the state.

squirrel caught in a trap - the disadvantages of squirrel trappingTrapping: The Traditional Squirrel Trap   Do It Yourself Cautions   Relocation Studies
Eye opening photos and information on the typical squirrel trap and why they are not our preferred method of choice, including the suffering they can cause and the not so humane downside to the live trap and relocate methods utilized by many companies today. The downside of live traps and trap and relocate methods is important to understand as well.

example of squirrel property damageSquirrel Damage Control: Home Squirrel Damage (Photos)  Squirrel In Attic 2 Photo Essay
Interesting example photos of the damage squirrels can do to your home, including detailed explanations regarding each sample picture. And, as shown by the photos, the signs to look for regarding potential squirrel problems so you can utilize a more proactive approach toward squirrel damage control. Also, an incredible 2 photo story about a squirrel in an Oklahoma attic.

A funny video showcasing the critterguard method.A Funny Squirrel Control Video: Video About The Critterguard Squirrel Control Product
A funny squirrel video showcasing the critterguard product and how it can keep determined squirrels from accessing neighborhood electric lines or vulnerable areas around your home.

Squirrel in Attic Damage Example

Cedar Roof Hole by Squirrel
This is a photo (left) from a house with squirrels in the attic and a cedar roof. Cedar roofs are a good example of why it is not a squirrel problem, rather, a house problem.

This particular roof was a 9 year old, thick cedar shake roof with black mesh squirrel proof gutter covers that went under the shingles. When your cedar roof is new, it is tough to get wildlife and insects out and keep them out; once it is about 9 years old or has green plant material growing on it, there is practically no stopping wildlife re-entry. Because we like doing it right the first time, it is often best to save money and wait until a new roof can be installed.

Get Rid of Attic SquirrelsWe can work with your roofer, or ours, to help replace your cedar roof with a good quality composition roof. The Skunk Whisperer helps clients replace dozens of old roofs a year. A properly installed roof with integrated wildlife-proof features is the most cost effective way to squirrel proof your home.

It does not matter how well a squirrel poses for a photo (see photo to the right), they can all be destructive in the attic. Squirrels are just being squirrels and you cannot blame them for wanting to live in your warm attic, but they bring in fleas, chew holes, wires and make a fire hazard. Call us now to get rid of your squirrels forever.

Other Places To Go Online For More Information

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squirrel in an attic nest baby squirrel being re-hydrated

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