Prevention and humane removal methods can go a long way when it comes to opossum control. Trapping is seldom required and we can help you solve your opossum problems the humane way. We are very experienced working with opossums and have encountered them in all kinds of places, and we have some photos to share with you as examples. Knowledge is key when it comes to wildlife control and we have lots of fun facts on opossums for you too.
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Opossum Control

Opossum babies are just about as cute as they can be, but opossums can show up as a nuisance just about any where... inside, outside, high up in the attic, or below ground under your home. The love to get into things too, and can turn up in all kind of unexpected places. The Skunk Whisperer® discovered the opossum family in the photo below living under a homeowner's stove in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

opossum utilizing a stove vent to get inside home
close up of an opossum setting up home under a stove

The family had utilized a vent tube that ran from under the kitchen to outside the house. There was no screen or cap on the tube which allowed the opossum to get inside. Like all wildlife, one of their main concerns is shelter - in this case, under the stove.

Once opossums become a problem it is important to remember there are humane methods that can be used to get rid of opossums, trapping and relocation can often be avoided and humane methods employed instead.

young opossum close up
skunk whisperer ned bruha removing opossums the humane way

Prevention can go a long way too, when it comes to preventing opossum problems. Dig DeFence® products were created to provide an underground addition to fencing that would prevent dogs from digging under the fence. Bruha has taken this product and modified it into a heavier, commercial grade barrier that can be used to prevent wild animals such as coyotes, raccoons and other nuisance wildlife from digging under your fence, home, deck, shed or other vulnerable area.

If you're in Oklahoma and have opossums, the Skunk Whisperer can help. Trapping won't solve your nuisance wildlife opossum problems, but we can solve your opossum issues without trapping and can humanely remove opossums from under your home, business, attic or crawl space.

We know what to do to solve your wildlife issues.


Opossum Facts

In North America, the most common type of opossum species is the Virginia Opossum, often misspelled possum, posum, oppossum or opposum. However, this may result from the fact that the proper spelling for similar varieties found in Australia and surrounding countries such as New Zealand, is “Possum”. Whatever the spelling, “possum” or “opossum,” they are quite a fascinating wild animal with an interesting appearance, anatomy and behavior.

Opossums are gifted with useful physical attributes. They have hand like feet and a grasping tail that enable them to climb trees and grip branches, menacing sharp teeth for eating a wider variety of foods and a handy pouch for carrying their young.

Look at those agile hands seen in the photo below. Opossums are the only non-primate with opposable thumbs (on the rear feet).

The opossum, a mammal, is often mistaken as a variety of rodent. When in fact, they are not a rodent at all, but rather a marsupial, which puts them in the same family as the Australian kangaroo and koala. Like other marsupials, opossum young leave the womb before they are fully developed and complete their development in the mother’s external “pocket”.

baby possum hanging out in the skunk whisperer's pocket

Opossums are grayish to brown in color, fierce in appearance, and can range in size from as small as that of a mouse to as big as a large house cat.

Opossums, depending upon age, sex and the matters at hand, can make a variety of sounds including hissing, crackling, smacking and growling.

Opossums are omnivores with a broad diet that can include anything from earthworms to fruits to snakes. They frequently scavenge for food and often killed while attempting to eat highway road kill and garbage.

The term “play possum” comes from the fact that an opossum, when confronted by danger, will often play dead, a response in which their body, like that of a dead animal, becomes still and stiff. A foul odor similar to that of a dead animal is also emitted from their anal glands to enhance the deception of the act.

Opossums are nocturnal and tend to favor dark areas and abandoned burrows previously dug by other wildlife. They also like to dig under homes and foundations and can become a nuisance to homeowners.

Opossums have more teeth than any other land mammal. In the photo below, the Skunk Whisperer® is getting ready to release an opossum following a job utilizing humane methods, the opossum has decided to show him his teeth before venturing off to live another day.

opossum about to be released showing his teeth to the skunk whisperer
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