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Nuisance Wildlife Control And Wild Animal Prevention Products

There are several helpful wildlife control products, supplies and educational materials on the market today that can help you prevent wild animal problems around your home. We’ve gathered together some valuable information and a list of sources for you covering these products to help you decide which is best for your specific requirements. We’ve had some success with each product at various times, however, no product can be guaranteed to work every time. Whether or not a particular product will work in your particular situation will depend on a variety of variables including how it’s applied, weather and many other factors.

Wildlife Deterrent Products To Wildlife and Pest Proof Home, Roof And Structure

Dig Defence to prevent animals under decks, fences and foundations, product to stop dogs from digging out of the yard, weep hole covers to keep snakes and mice out of the house and garage, dog doors and guards to keep squirrels off of power lines and poles. There are several products for structures and houses that once installed correctly can provide effective protection from nuisance wildlife. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of using a different kind of product than what you already have, for instance, a different kind of roof or laundry vent cover or pet door. These are some of our favorite home prevention products.

SnakeSnake repellents, armadillo repellents, rabbit & bunny repellents, goose and duck repellents

One of the first things that comes to mind when wildlife problems arise is how to repel or drive away the wildlife in the first place. There are several humane wildlife deterrents on the market today that we particularly like, however, please remember that their effectiveness will depend on several factors, so their success will vary from situation to situation. Sadly, every once and a while there is a situation that can only affordability be taken care of with a good quality repellent.

boxes-for-mosquito-controlHumane Wildlife Control With Conservation In Mind
Some of our favorite products not only help prevent nuisance wildlife inside your home but they can actually help conserve wildlife on the outside too, making your home and surrounding environment a place where you and certain beneficial wildlife species can live together in harmony. Learn more about the benefits of bat boxes and other related items.

books-and-video-onlineWildlife Control Books, Movies, Research Reports and Other Sources Of Information
A list of books, video links, movies, study results and more to help you understand what truly humane wildlife control is all about – why we believe in it and why we do things the way we do. Some cover topics and products in a humorous manner where others may be difficult for some to watch or read, but all of them come with an important message in mind.


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