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Most people and The Skunk Whisperer® clients simply do not care about what happens to the bugs and wildlife in their attics, crawl spaces, homes and businesses. They just want them gone; now, and forever, in a fast and cost effective manner – that is why they call The Skunk Whisperer®. During the pest control or wildlife removal process, clients realize exactly how different The Skunk Whisperer® is and that you cannot compare apples to apples with any other Oklahoma pest control or wildlife control services. Although The Skunk Whisperer® is known around the world for setting humane animal removal standards and recognized for their 100% non-toxic and natural pest control, most of our past clients will tell you that our wildlife and pest control solutions just make a lot more sense and cost them a lot less in the long run rather than repeatedly trapping or spraying poisons.

The Skunk Whisperer®, Inc., has become known as a pioneer in unique, truly humane nuisance wildlife or animal management methods, and is often featured in the news recently receiving international attention. Oklahoma based, our humane wildlife control services surpass model guidelines from The Humane Society Of The United States for nuisance wildlife control companies. Our clients demanded natural, non-toxic pest control to get rid of the fleas and other pests wildlife brought into their homes. Because nobody offered this non toxic pest service, we decided to research and give our clients what they wanted. Our pest control methods are the true definition of integrated pest management and the products we use, when we have to, far exceed the criteria of OMRI’s list of approved products. Our current offices are in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and one will be in your area, soon!

Got Skunks Or A Nuisance Wild Animal Critter? We Know What To Do

Fast and cost effective ways to get rid of your wildlife problems, combined with longevity, knowledge and kindness, is what this website and our services are all about. Below is information for you on several nuisance wild animals with facts, signs of infestation, prevention and control of animal damage, and how our services might prove helpful. In addition, our website has an incredible amount of information on how to get rid of squirrels, raccoons, armadillos, rats, mice and other animals on your own. Homeowners, enjoy our do it yourself wildlife removal information.

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The Skunk Whisperer Wildlife Control Philosophy

We offer you comprehensive, humane wildlife control solutions that work, including nuisance critter removal, eviction, exclusion, wild animal problem prevention, structure damage and attic repair; without you having to repeatedly pay a company for killing wildlife, or live trapping and relocating.

The knowledgeable staff at The Skunk Whisperer are not animal or pest control operators, but rather highly qualified “Wildlife Management Professionals” utilizing the latest technology and equipment to effectively solve all your wildlife issues.

The Skunk Whisperer®, Inc., wildlife control professionals can help with all the unwanted nuisance wildlife on your urban, rural, suburban, residential or commercial property, including helping you humanely control or get rid of skunks, squirrels, raccoons, rock chucks, chipmunks, ground hogs, opossums, gophers, moles, rats, geese, bats, woodpeckers, snakes, and any other animal you can think of – even mountain lions and bears.

Our Motto:

Truly Humane Wildlife Removal, Natural Pest Control and Prevention, Done Right The First Time

From Start To Finish – Total Wildlife Management The Truly Humane Way

It is important to choose the right wildlife control company, do it yourself trapping can be dangerous and unintentionally cruel. Other problems with doing it yourself include problems such as found in Oklahoma where you cannot legally trap and relocate most species without the proper permits. For example, most people do not know it is illegal to trap and relocate your own raccoons and skunks in Oklahoma. Many companies advertise themselves as “humane” when in fact they may claim this simply to remain competitive by appearing to be compassionate. Many operators (A.K.A. NWCOs) just don’t understand how to evict wildlife without trapping animals. Traditional methods typically use kill and live traps because people don’t know how or have the desire to utilize Integrated Pest Management, (IPM) and do not know how to make proper repairs to exclude wildlife..

In the wildlife removal services and pest control industry, many “professionals” brag about “relocating wild animals with a piece of lead from their .22 handgun and into the landfill.” Blame the 2007 AVMA mandates and traditional thinking, not the industry, for those decisions and standards. The AVMA also allows drowning an animal as an acceptable means of euthanization. Bats are our only flying mammal, and they absorb CO2 quite differently than other mammals, but, the AVMA still threw them into the mammal category because it was easy to do so and now mandates that bats be tortured via slow absorption of CO2 via a CO2 chamber for euthanization. The word “humane” also means a quick, painless death. Do you want a humane wildlife removal or a truly humane removal? What exactly IS “the humane way” and who really sets the standards for truly humane wildlife control? Perhaps if you have seen a bat killed via AVMA methods, you will also question what is truly humane and think about who you hire to take care of your wildlife control problems. The Skunk Whisperer® has both the animals’ and your best interest in mind when wildlife-proofing your home, forever.

In order for humane wildlife management methods to be effective, prevention against future infestation will be as important as the removal process itself. The professionals at the Skunk Whisperer offer work that involves prevention along with removal and will work with you not only to get rid of skunk and other wild animal problems now, but for the future too. There are many new products today that make the prevention process easy, affordable and painless for both you and the critter.

Wildlife Control the Humane Way

Wildlife Control Done Right

Safety tips that every homeowner should know including what to do when encountering wild animals. Also, information on prevention techniques including landscaping, easy home repairs, helpful products, repellants, damage control, even what to do if you are sprayed by a skunk. Safety & Prevention Tips

Wildlife Control with Traps

Widlife Control Done The Other Way

Live traps, advertised as “humane” are not necessarily humane at all and can injure and harm the animal. Discover what kind of do it yourself trapping and pest control companies to avoid.

Several wild animals can and will chew on your telephone and electrical wires creating a dangerous fire hazard. They can chew through your roof and nest in your attic, bringing with them roundworm, histoplasmosis, rabies and other problems. The problem is that this is typically a wildlife removal scare-sell designed to take your money and kill the animals invading your home vs. fixing your problem in a long-term fashion manner. Our humane critter services will help you take care of your nuisance animal problems, repair any damage and prevent further infestation, forever. Don’t wait, call us today, The Skunk Whisperer® knows what to do.

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If The Skunk Whisperer does not service your area, you can check our website at this link for services that use methods similar to ours. If you cannot find somebody there, read our page on how to choose a wildlife control professional found here, and then go here for a nationwide list of others in the industry.

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