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Wild Animal Facts, Wildlife Information On Critter Removal and Control

Controlling critters and removing animals and wildlife deemed a nuisance is what we do; gently, with long lasting results, and with just a whisper. We can remove the critter living in your attic without killing, trapping or relocating it. Our methods also provide more structural longevity than if you hired a critter trapper for mass animal removal. We offer humane wildlife control, removal and prevention, done right the first time.

Bat exclusion is one of the main things we do and we have lots of information for you on bats, including the seasonal considerations of bat control, rabies safety, disease information, fun facts, types of bats, bat house benefits, and how to conduct a watch. Bat Services and Information

Squirrels can be quite a problem as they can be very destructive, damaging your house, chewing on your electrical wires and even attracting larger, more destructive wildlife such as raccoons. Learn more about our services and this interesting critter. Squirrel Services and Information

The skunk is an interesting critter. Our company was re-named by clients because of the humane and entertaining ways we interact with skunks. If all the skunks are doing is digging for grubs and tearing up your lawn, we can assist you with our fast acting skunk repellent. We have some fun facts about skunks for you, plus information on our services and an odor removal recipe. Skunk Services and Information

Raccoons can be a destructive health hazard to have around your home, damaging your structure and soiling your attic insulation. Learn more about our humane methods to evict, exclude and get rid of this beautiful yet destructive –critter, damage photos too. Raccoon Services and Information

Understanding beaver behavior such as the beaver’s building skills and innate instincts is vital for successful beaver control to occur. Lots of interesting information too on beaver dams, lodges, habitat, oklahoma populations, family life and exclusion methods. Effective beaver management begins with understanding the behavior, skills, instincts and reproductive habits of beavers. We’ve also got important information for you on the benefits and hazards that can result from beaver activity and the dams and lodges they build. General Information About Beavers

wild-birdWild Birds
Wild birds and pigeons can make quite a mess around your home and business, driving away friends and customers, not to mention the damage they can do to an attic. They can also start a trend where their activity attracts squirrels and later even raccoons. Wild Bird Services and Information

Unofficially, mountain lions have been sighted throughout the state of Oklahoma. We have interesting photos, details on The Skunk Whisperer’s encounters with cougars in Oklahoma and Texas; and general facts and information on prevention and control. Cougar Services and Information

The Canada Goose is a beautiful bird to behold; however, they can make a stinky, even slippery mess if not managed properly. Learn more about our flock size management and relocation services and fun facts about geese too, including group terminology. Geese Services and Information

We have interesting behavioral and anatomical facts about the opossum for you to read about. Although interesting, wild opossums can be quite a nuisance too. However, trapping isn’t the answer, we use humane methods to control your opossum problems. Opossum Services and Information

rat-problemRats & Mice
You don’t want a rat critter around your home. Of all the critters we handle, rats are the smartest. We’ve got information for you on the disadvantages of using traps and poisons to kill rats and how you can prevent and get rid of them without these methods. Rat & Mice Services and Information

Snakes are fascinating and beneficial animals, however, venomous snakes can be dangerous. We practice humane snake removal methods and can help prevent snakes from becoming a problem in your environment. Interesting facts and information too. Snake Services and Information

area-bee-removalBee Hive Removal
Bees can often invade the home, when it comes to getting rid of bees, our team can take care of your all bee removal needs without killing the bees or poisoning the hive. Bee Hive Services and Information

Learn more about the woodpecker’s pecking and drumming habits, why they do it and how it can do harm to your home. We’ve developed effective methods to control woodpeckers and the jackhammer like damage they can do to your beloved property. Woodpecker Services and Information

Two great photos of suburban and urban dwelling foxes in city environments and a little information on whether or not they should be considered a problem for city residents. Fox Services and Information

Interesting facts about coyotes including reproduction, potential dangers to pets, the coyote food chain, the disadvantages of coyote hunting and trapping, using livestock guardians for protection and various humane preventative methods and tools. Coyote Services and Information

moleVoles, Moles & Gophers
The facts on moles and gophers, including whether or not popular repellent products and prevention techniques really work. A look at trapping and removal possibilities too. Vole, Mole & Gopher Services and Information

street-catNuisance Cats and Dogs
Information on feral wild cat and stray dog problems including trapping, trap disadvantages and alternate methods. Also, the problem in different areas of the world. Nuisance Cat and Dog Services and Information

armadilloNuisance Armadillo Wildlife
Preventing armadillos around your home. Also, fun facts about armadillos including why they are one of the most common road kill fixtures on Texas and Oklahoma highways. If all the armadillos are doing is digging for grubs and destroying your lawn with small holes, we can assist you with our fast acting armadillo repellent. Nuisance Armadillo Services and Information

Black PantherBlack Panthers
The term “black panther” is not a term that in itself represents a specific species of “big cat”. Rather the term is used in general to describe any large predatory cat black in color characterized by an excess of the dark pigment melanin. More Information on Black Panthers

Ground HogGroundhogs, Woodchucks & Whistle-Pigs
Woodchucks, Groundhogs & Whistle-Pigs Groundhogs are incredible digging machines that can quickly destroy a lawn, basement or foundation. Luckily, they are very simple to coarse to move on to greener pastures. Great info on getting rid of woodchucks, their habits and more useful woodchuck facts. Groundhogs, Woodchucks & Whistle-Pigs Services and Information

insect-closeupBugs, Insects and Household Pests
How our green wildlife control methods also help prevent insect and household pests problems in your home plus information on our green pest control specific services. Bug, Insect and Household Pest Services and Information

Porcupines are round, slow moving rodents with quills instead of fur, scales or feathers. They are typically shades of brown or grey in color. Porcupine quills protect them from predators, such as your dog and once the quills are stuck into something, they do not come out easily or quickly. More Porcupine Information

Vultures are often called buzzards. In North America, we have Black Vultures (Coragyps atratus) and Turkey Vultures (Cathartes aura) which sometimes can be found in groups together. At times, vultures will roost in large groups of 100 or more on trees but typically hunt by themselves during the day. Humane vulture removal methods can only be done with special permits. More Vulture Information

Rabbit ControlRabbits
When rabbits are eating flower bed plants, there is no reason for them to hop into a trap. In addition, trapping rabbits will only open that territory to others and then they will soon move in. More Rabbit information

Bob Cat ControlBobcats
Most of the time, bobcats are non-confrontational, but they will attack and eat small outdoor cats and small dogs if they get hungry enough. Most bobcat issues occur because of people feeding the birds in their yard. Bird feeders attract bobcats, foxes and coyotes. If you were to cut open the belly of any given urban bobcat, you will likely find rodents and birds. More Bobcat Information

Crayfish, crawdads or lawn lobsters, whatever you call them, can cause a lot of lawn damage. Crayfish make a “chimney” out of dirt (see the images below) which can become dry and leave your lawn looking horrible. Crayfish are food for other animals and they consume both dead or alive plant and animal food… More Crayfish Information


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